Information Technology

We aim to be the one of the best organizations bringing innovation in technology, software products and allied services. Our products and services are compliant with international quality standards and controls.

Our products & solutions help you to break the boundaries of an ordinary IT user to  as an extraordinary IT oriented organization and rocket-speed the growth overall.



Smart ERP is true ERP software developed specially for trading, services and manufacturing concerns. If yours is a small or medium business, and you find that plain, vanilla book-keeping software is not enough, but you need more, Smart ERP is for you.

Smart ERP is a new-age ERP software for  you to know exactly what is happening anytime, anywhere in your businesses.

Smart ERP helps you setup a single system connecting all your offices, warehouses and teams.

Smart ERP is completely web-based. You can easily setup online systems across your entire organization, including all branches, warehouses and teams.. It helps you automate and integrate every function of your business.

Smart ERP is a suite of comprehensive modules which cover all aspects of your business. All modules always work seamlessly as one software by using , same menus, database, masters, user rights and offering the same user experience with no headaches of integrating one with the other.

Salient Features

  • Cash and Bank
  • Sales and Accounts Receivables
  • Purchases and Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Taxes & Budgeting
  • Inter Branch Dimensions and cost centers
  • Access Levels and adaption
  • User Configurable Invoicing
  • User Configurable Documents
  • Advance Configurable Dashboard, Reporting & Analysis
  • General Settings

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“Poor people didn’t create poverty. It’s the system that created the poverty. And, if we want to end poverty, we have to change the system.”
 – Professor Muhammad Yunus –


We promise, by having state-of-the-art “Smart Micro Credit Business Suite”, System;

  • Allows more efficient and effective collection, processing and use of data
  • Opens the door for MFIs to offer new products and better customer service
  • Enables greater outreach
  • Facilitates integration with the rest of the financial sector

The enhanced ability of the system to collect, organize and analyze information helps institutions to better understand their customers, their costs, and their options. They can then use this information to:

  • Make better decisions about strategy, objectives and priorities
  • Monitor and test performance
  • Learn from the methodologies and techniques being applied by the institution
  • Make timely adjustments

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Do you believe accounting is essential to making better decisions? Those small business owners who do choose a SBS solution to help them streamline operations and get the insight behind their numbers.

By combining  comprehensive business management tools with professional accounting basics in flexible, user- friendly products, a Smart Business Suite solution will help you better understand your business so you can make better decisions.

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AIMS Contracting has a great strength in variety of IT services and offers these services onsite & off-site. Our certified expertise in IT PMO/Program/Project Management, Software Product Development and Business Consultancy are exceptional.

Program Management

We help our customers in coordination and prioritization of the economic resources they use in their production processes.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Production Planning & Projections
  • Prioritization, Organization and Direction
  • Technical Evaluations and Feasibility
  • General Analysis & Planning
  • Analytic & Reporting

PMO (Project Management Office)

Insight into ongoing operations, Departmental silos , Alignment with enterprise strategy and priorities , Effective technology and infrastructure etc. Here are some highly effective services being offered by us to strengthen PMO.

  • Prioritization, Organization , Scoring and Adjustment of Projects
  • HR Management & Capacity Building
  • Customer Negotiations (Internal & External)
  • Process & Framework Implementation (e.g. Agile, ITIL, ISO and CMMI etc.)
  • Analytic & Reporting

Project Management

Our exclusive Project Management Services cover entire SDLC from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control to closure.

  • Project Management Methodologies & Standards (PMI, CMMI, & Agile)
  • Best Practices, Analytic & Reporting

Product Management

To create valuability, usability and feasibility of a product, its vital to implement an excellent Product Management process. Product Management is all about to develop customer Delight through product and its features.

  • Product Development, Versioning, Regionalization, Standardization, Harmonization
  • Increasing Selling Features, Future Expansions, WOW Factors, Word of Mouth (Business Users Voice)

Software Quality Engineering (SQE)/CMMI/ISO

Our SQE Services ensure that software companies and their users are fully complied with certain standards of Software Quality Engineering and having all the required Processes in place to support their ultimate deliverables.

  • Processes Definition, Documentation, Training and Reviews
  • Certifications & Audits (ISO, CMMI)


We provide variety of Business Consultancy Services coupled with real world experience that creates Opportunities for the different types of businesses and industries to exist, survive, succeed, take-off and achieve maturity. Following business consultancy services are being provided to assure a success.

  • Problem Analysis and Opportunities Analysis
  • Systems Study & Documentation (AS-IS & TO-BE)
  • Systems Audit and Business Process Improvement
  • Business Solutions
  • System Performance Analysis
  • R & D, General Advisory and Consultancy

Business Analysis

Every business must have its own Knowledge Base and it can only be properly developed and maintained through a strong Business Analysis and documentation. Our specialized consultants help you to document the entire life cycle of your every project.

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Specification and Gaps Specification
  • Impact Analysis
  • Functional Specification and Design Reviews
  • Business Test Cases Development
  • Products Validation
  • Business Users Training
  • Users Acceptance Testing Management & Support
  • Product Maintenance Support

Business Development

To give strength to your back-bone, we offer our excellent market oriented Business Development Services to create an everlasting outreach (CRM).

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Feasibility Study
  • RFIs and RFPs Development
  • Customers and Markets Survey & Analysis
  • Account Management

Research & Development

A product’s life is based on its capability to fulfill current needs of the customers with somewhat a level of flexibility to absorb future challenges with minimal changes. Our R&D services ensure a steady increase in the Product Life Line.

  • Products & Services Study & Improvement
  • R & D on New Features to Products & Services
  • R & D on New Products and Services
  • Futuristic Approach to Face Competition

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